Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Toku - Kamen Rider Gaim

I finally got my Pre-Order for the Yomotsuheguri(Yomi) Lock Seed & Faceplate Set from It Came From Japan. Since I can't get the Budou Lock Seed & Faceplate Set for a reasonable price, the Yomi Lock Seed Set will be good enough for me. Gets me a DX version similar to Budou, and a faceplate that unlocks Kamen Rider Ryugen's Henshin Music in the Sengoku Driver.

Games - Fibbage / Ms. Splosion Man / The Floor is Jelly

So I've purchased and tried a few games lately. I recently found out about the new game from the Developers who made You Don't Know Jack which is one of my favorite game series. Its called Fibbage. Its another trivia game, and you have to have it on a XBOXone or PS4, but you don't use a controller. You use your Smartphone as your buzzer/input device, the game with present a fill in the blank, and you are asked to come up with a fake answer, after which you have to guess from everyone's fake answers and the real one. I think its a cool cool concept, plus their host extraordinaire Cookie Masteron has returned to add some mirth to the proceedings, its 2-8 players, more players more fun. Its simple, fun and cheap at only about $7 on either system. I hope for a PC version so I can play against some long distance friends online. My only gripe became that the website you login to to play the game on your phone kept kicking me out, but hoping it was just a fluke, my wife had no issue with it. But I can't wait to play the game with a large group of friends.

Humble Bundle had a Leading Ladies sale the other week. Which had a few things that looked interesting such as Lilly Looking Through, but the main thing I got it for was Ms. Splosion Man. I was a fan of the original Splosion Man and always meant to get back around to play that one as well. I finally have that chance on the PC now, and so far just as charming and challenging as the first. No jump button here, only a 'splode-button, you can splode up to 3 times without touching the ground. Simple formula making for lots of 2-D 'splosion heavy platforming action. I haven't played too much of it yet but already I can see where the game is going to become challenging. I hope to play a couple levels of that every few days, because doing a lot of those for long periods of time can be a little repetitive. One game I've owned for a while now but just got the chance to play is The Floor is Jelly. This seemed like a small charming little platforming game, with a cool art style and crazy jump physics. But it seems much deeper than that as I progress. The jumping staying the same, but making the world this big puzzle. Each world reacting in totally different but surprisingly innovative ways. I was hoping for some simple fun, and I found that and much more. I can't wait to spend more time with it, I'm only sad it doesn't appear to have controller support.