Thursday, October 30, 2014

Games - Costume Quest / TIE Fighter

So after a couple days in Cleveland for work, I came home and saw the Steam Halloween sale has started, they have Costume Quest 2 for $7. Which reminded me, I need to finish Costume Quest 1! I think I had about 2 hours left but I did finish it, I got all the candy cards, found all the kids, got all the battle stamps, but I still missed 1 costume part for the Vampire costume. I ended up looking up where to find the last part of the Unicorn costume. I liked this game, it was fun, and especially at the end had some good laugh out loud moments, and slightly heartwarming as well, it might be 4 or 5 hours at best, but its a good one. Don’t know if I’m ready to jump into the sequel just yet. But I do have an expansion for CQ1, which I may dabble a bit to see what it is.

Other game stuff was a big one for me, the return of X-Wing and TIE Fighter to PC, I saw the news that they would be available through, and when I got home, immediately bought it. Only played for maybe 30mins or so, think I need to find a good way to remap controls or configure the sensitivity. It actually mapped to my X360 controller pretty well by default, but when not touching the control stick it was jittery. Same game I remember, just ran 3 different ships through flight training, aced them of course and got my training patches. Went from Flt. Cadet to Flt. Officer in like 20mins. Some serious nostalgia kicked in. Can’t wait to play a little bit more, see if my skills are better now then when I was a kid.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Toku - Kamen Rider Gaim / Tokkyuger

So I got my Kamen Rider Gaim DX Golden & Silver Ringo Set in last night, very pretty, happy I got them.

Also started to catch up on Tokkyuger as I have fallen behind almost 10 episodes. Watched 4 of them while the wife and I were folding all the clothes. Watched 23-27 and really enjoyed the hilarious Bathhouse episode, Akira has quickly become my favorite character. I’m still warming up to Drive, gotta watch last weeks ep, but gonna try to watch a bunch more Tokkyuger as well and get caught up.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Games - Costume Quest

So I haven't played much more of Mordor, been busy or not in the mood. But this weekend with the pumpkin stuff, I thought I would get in the Holiday mood and finally sit down and play Costume Quest. I started by playing the first version of it created for Amnesia Fortnight, which was cool, but it kept crashing on me(which I will forgive since it was made in about 14days), so I didn’t get very far. So I started playing the full version of CQ, story setup is slightly different, you have a sibling in this one and you can choose the boy or girl to be your main character. It reminds me a lot of the Penny Arcade Adventures from Hothead Games that I played last year, but a less involved Battle system, but still lots of different timing based random button presses, etc. Enjoying it right now though, I just like the art style, and the simplified RPG stuff (no items/potions needed). I know its not too long but I’m trying to do everything, got to the second main area so I think I’m about halfway through. I should finish it up over the next couple days, and then I’ll get back to Mordor

Friday, October 24, 2014


Preparing for Pumpkinfest, spent a good chunk of the night carving our Punkins. I went for a Spider-Man pumpkin, which I thought looked cool but was doable for me. The wife did a scary face, cause that what she wants to do. My cousins take this very seriously, so I’m sure they will have a bunch of crazy ones.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Toku - Kamen Rider Gaim/Decade

So I broke down and finally bought the Kamen Rider Gaim DX Golden & Silver Ringo Set. Its been getting cheaper and cheaper on Amazon, first down to $37, then $36, now $35, plus its available through Prime. So I shall have them both by Saturday, now the set comes with Sengoku Driver faceplates for Kamen Rider Mars(Gold) and Kamuro(Silver), but sadly they play only trigger the Baron and Gaim Music in the Driver respectively. If one of them played any of the other two music triggers I would have picked them up sooner.

Other big thing I saw was they announced more info on the Complete Modification Selection DecaDriver. Now this is the Prop level release of the driver from Kamen Rider Decade. They announced that it will come with a crazy bunch of cards that the original driver didn’t come with, or that didn’t exist before now. They also are releasing a separate set of cards to go with the CSM Decadriver, that will cover every card seen in the series and movies. They even recorded new audio that wasn’t in the driver before, so that every card will have its own unique audio. It has me pretty excited to get, as its one of my favorite Henshin Belts, just gotta pre-order it for about $200. One more thing about it that I think is super cool is has a button on the bottom that will make the driver play one of two pieces of music from the series, one of them being Decade’s Henshin Theme, so you can practically act out his entire henshin sequence music included, which I think is badass. Gotta save up my rupees for this one, it’ll be the most expensive Toku think I’ve purchased yet.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Toku - Kamen Rider Fourze

My Kamen Rider Fourze DX NS Magphone(the phone splits and becomes Switches #30 - N Magnet and #31 - S Magnet) finally arrived while I was playing games today. I recorded an impromptu unboxing and demonstration video, which I will post to my YouTube channel very soon. It’s nice, I enjoyed fiddling with it, but it doesn’t fit in my current display concept of putting all the switches in number order. Also it can’t stand on its own in any position, so I have it folded in Phone mode and leaning against the Cosmic Switch(which can also barely stand on its own).

Games - Shadow of Mordor

Ok, so everything went as planned. I got Shadow of Mordor, then got a nice breakfast, then went home to play, did so for a solid 4-5hrs. I like it but its hard, maybe I’m just out of rhythm for the Batman combat, just gotta get back in the flow. I’m liking it very much, I just don’t feel competent yet. Just done the first 2 or 3 story missions so far, but just gone around trying to kill any Orc Captains I come across. Which is resulting in me dying and Captains getting stronger. But I’m still managing to kill a good number of them. Hope to play a bunch more this weekend.

I also went to Dave & Busters with a buddy of mine, played games there. Nothing worth noting really, other than I can still do well in DDR, even with a few beers in me. But from the price area I did get a large strap on handlebar mustache, grabby arm popsicle, Adventure Time keychain, Captain America wallet, and 2 sticky hands (Blue for me, Pink for the wife obs). It was a good time, which may precede more good times in the future, my buddy hadn’t been there before and he liked it quite a bit. I mean you can get a meal and a $20 game credit for $24, which is a steal, your food is basically $4.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Toku - Kamen Rider Fourze/Gaim

Been spending a lot of time staring at my Wish List on Amazon and my Watch List on Ebay. I’m stupid close to getting all 40 of the main Fourze Astro Switches. I bought #35 - Giant Foot on Ebay the other day. So that just leaves #6 - Camera and #19 - Gattling. Can’t find #6 by itself, but it comes with the Burgermeal(Hamburger Transformer) and with shipping I can get him for $23 which is pretty good. Similar with #19, can only find in a box set that includes #18, which I already have, but with shipping its only about $13. Which should be a no brainer! Just get them and be done with it, after that its just Super Rocket and Fusion which I can get at my leisure. But I keep looking at the Gold and Silver Apple Lockseeds…they are so pretty, and reasonably priced, and I have it in my head that they won’t be available forever, or at least will not be $37 forever. Plus they are Prime, which is insanely satisfying. Just been very up in my head about it…

Games - The Floor is Jelly / Shadow of Mordor

So I finished The Floor is Jelly last night, and the Fez comparison got even more severe. The ending and leadup to it, got very intentionally glichy. There was a sequence where they kept changing how the jelly floors worked, which got hard to a point of being frustrating, because there was almost no normal way to do it, you basically had to hope the glitching would get you to the door, so you could continue. But got through it, and overall I liked that game, had lots of cool ideas, really made you think about the gravity, and used its simple mechanics very smartly for 95% of the game. I just wish the ending bits were shorter and/or like the rest of the game, dependant on skill rather than random chance. I think its priced to move on steam or humble, a solid recommendation. 

 I keep thinking about Shadow of Mordor, and how I want to play the crap out of it. I worked over a weekend and did some hellish hours the other week, so the boss is letting me take a free day off. So I’m gonna have Thursday off to myself and I’m gonna go get Shadow of Mordor, and hope to play that most of the day.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Toku - Kamen Rider Fourze/Wizard / Kyoryuger

One nice thing to come home to was a bunch of packages full of goodies. The lot of Fourze Switches I ordered on 10/1/14 came in and added them to my display, and added the extras to my goodie box for future giveaways/prizes. Also while I was away I ordered AstroSwitch #37 - Gyro. So with that and the Mag Phone I’m waiting for, that brings me to 92.5% of my Fourze collection.

The real surprise was my wife, knowing that I had a poopy week, thought to make me feel better, so she raided my wish list for a few things. She got Me the Kamen Rider Wizard DX Wizard Ring Set 03 and 04, which adds some much needed variety to my Wizard Ring collection. She also got the Kamen Rider Fourze AstroSwitch EX Drill Super 3, which is super cool! It also means I now have to be on the lookout for AstroSwitch EX Rocket Super 1.

Also was able to watch the first episode of Kamen Rider Drive. Not sure how i feel about it yet. It seemed very rushed, and a lot of things talking really fast, was hard to keep up with the subs. I think the driver is cool, will most likely get that. It just didn’t feel as fresh(pardon the pun) as Gaim. A lot of characters introduced, the new Rider, his whole police team, then the detectives who don’t like him, the bad guys, and the whole shift cars thing. I was surprised they used a lot of Shift Cars in this episode, didn’t think he’d use so many of them so soon. I’m sad the tires don’t seem to change his overall look very much. I’m assuming he’ll get some new forms as the show goes on.But definitely getting some Double, Kiva, OOOs vibes. In the main character’s past he was not able to save someone at a crucial moment like Eiji from OOOs, a talking Driver like Kiva, Police vibe gives it the W similarity, and the driver sounds like Decade’s when it calls out form changes. Other thing I thought was odd was the use of the Shift Cars driving on their own generated roads like Den-O/Tokkyuger does with train rails. Hoping the next couple eps will grab me.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Game - Super Smash Bros. for 3DS

So while I was away, at about 1am on the morning of October 3rd I went to Walmart and purchased Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS. It kept me sane for the small stints I was able to play it. I’ve never owned a Super Smash Bros. Game before, and certainly not good at it. At work lately they have taken to playing Smash Bros on breaks, so competition has been lively. I’m hoping to get competent, and have chosen new addition Pac-Man as my character of choice. So mostly playing as him and then other characters as needed to complete challenges.

Saturday, October 11, 2014


I was in a giant hole labeled work for the last 9 days, and recovering the last 2. Working 12-16 hours a day while away in Marion, IL. But still managed to get/play some game games and came home to some nice Toku Packages which will be detailed shortly

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Toku - Kamen Rider Fourze / Kyoryuger

Okay so over the weekend I received my Kamen Rider Fourze DX Hee Hack Gun. My only reason for getting it was for AstroSwitch #20 - Fire. I purchased it for less than $30, since I was not seeing anyone selling 20-Fire by itself, and considering I got the whole gun, not too bad a price. Also did some eBay purchasing the other day, I bought Astro Switch #27 - Screw which looks like it has a propeller on it. Later in the day I saw someone posted a couple more lots of Switches, so I picked up 10-Elec, 11-Scissors, 13-Chain Array, 15-Spike, and 16-Winch. This means I don't have to buy Billy the Rod(Fourze's Sword), Foodroid 02(French Fry Transformer), the Kaban(Switch Holder), or Astro Switch Set 02(Since I already have one of them). Getting those all for less than I was about to pay for just the 10-Elec Switch. Also that brings me to 90% on my switch counter, 36 out of 40. Still unsure if I want to get Meteor or Meteor Storm, not to mention Super Rocket, Super Drill, or Fusion Switches. While I like the Meteor Driver the most of the Secondary Rider Belts, I don't know if I like it enough to get it unless its really cheap.

The same guy selling the Switch Lot also had a few Zyudenchis from Kyoryuger, and I picked up 6-Pteragordon(my favorite one) for $9, which is a pretty good deal for me.

Games - The Floor is Jelly

More The Floor is Jelly, the Game actually got kind of hard for a bit. There is an area where the level has an outline of all the platforms on the screen, and they are not solid until you touch them or untill you touch a border. Also if you get inside the outline and touch the border then the outside becomes solid creating an inverse of the level. It got very mind boggling for a bit. The more I play of the game it reminds me of Fez just in tone, this game has no map, no names of any levels, and generally very bright and cheerful. I also found out the soundtrack is by Disasterpiece who also did the Fez soundtrack. The game continues to be interesting, every area in the world has its own gimmick. Easiest way to describe this game is like a cross between Super Meat Boy and Fez. Like Meatboy the only thing you can do is jump, and if you die it restarts instantly and can be challenging. The game has a similar tone to Fez, lots of earthy tones, relaxing music(by the same guy no less), lack of maps/names making it hard to talk about the game. It doesn't seem as deep as either of those games in terms of no cutscenes, no bosses, no big hidden secret, no puzzles that need me to keep a notebook, but its charming and I'm still really liking it. I will be traveling a bit soon, so if game has cloud saves then I might be able to continue my progress while I'm away.