Monday, May 9, 2016

Its been a long time...

Update: I forgot I had a few unfinished reviews if the draft state that I will be wrapping up and posting as well. They will be posted as older reviews before this one.

I know it's old hat to report about it being a long time since I've posted, and anyone who is still reading at this point, my apologies. Life got busy and then I got behind on reviews I wanted to do, and then it was the old "now it has been too long" which just kept me from starting back up again.

But I have missed it, I just like getting my thoughts out in this manner when possible. Also having a record, and being able to go back to it and see what I was doing, and how I thought at the time. You know before the Fallout style Apocalypse happens and everything changes.

But onto other things....

My State of the Toku address.
-Kamen Rider-
I didn't realize it had been this long since I talked Toku toys, but since I last talked about Kamen Rider Drive stuff...I ended up getting just about everything. All the Primary Shift Cars and Weapons for Drive himself, and got my first Secondary Rider Belt in the Mach Driver (which is rad as hell). I just didn't get the Signal Axe or the Senrin Shooter, of the Signal Bike's that went with them. I ended up really liking Drive despite my tepid response at the start. Which is also being matched by my tepidness for Ghost, I just the main dude is kind of a wiener, but I think it's funny he ends up hugging all these people to get Ghost Eyecons. I do have the Ghost Driver and I think its rad, and have started getting some Eyecons. As I have more time to catch up on Ghost maybe it will grab me more than just how nifty the gear is.

-Super Sentai-
Sentai I have really dropped off since the end of Tokkyuger. I gave Ninninger a shot but it just didn't connect with me. I just wasn't a fan of the tone, in my opinion its wasn't as goofy enough or serious enough, and left me cold, also thought many of the toys were lame, which didn't help. Now that Zyuohger has started, I'm giving that a go. My first reaction is I don't find this years Red that tough, he comes off as kind of a wimp. Captain Marvelous(Gokaiger) and Daigo(Kyoryuger) were just so tough, they make these new guys look bad. This series is big into cubes, for the morpher and the mecha, so its even more blocky than usual and the changer doubles as a cell phone which I hoped we were done with for a while. But that's all I got from the first episode, so we shall see. I want to love another sentai show again, and I was hoping this being the 40th Anniversary show it would grab me right away.

State of the Games Address

Many games have happened, most notable from last year was Metal Gear Solid V, and Mario Maker which still has a grip on my soul. I loved both of those games, Put a lot of hours in MGS but still have so much to do, hopefully I will get back to it at some just plays so damn good, and is so satisfying. Mario maker similarly plays just the way you want it to and the jumping/physics is so good. That game is so close to being perfect, they get closer with every update and addition. I also finally got around to playing the Tomb Raider reboot from a couple years ago. That game was fantastic, really enjoyed it, and tried to do just about everything in that game. Also I’ve burned through a lot of smaller games recently, Firewatch and Superhot. Firewatch had a great story, and good characters, I only wish the ending was as strong as the beginning. But that game gave me the creeps in a way i haven’t felt in a bit. Superhot’s gameplay
is really fantastic, I had a lot of fun with that, I’m sure I’ll come back to it from time to time to mess around and do some of the challenge rooms. I’ve got Rise of the Tomb Raider started but I need to get back to it. Also recently I’ve had an inclination to finally play Dragon Age: Inquisition, even though I know it is suuuper long. But just in general my backlog has never been longer new awesome games are around the corner at all times now. It has never been a more exciting time to play games. Things are changing and getting weirder with new hardware from possibly Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all being seen really soon.

I hope to start doing more toy reviews, comic reviews, game reviews, etc. As well as some opinion pieces. As we all have strong opinions on things sometimes, and I need to get the thoughts out of me!

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